Still Born Still Loved By Amanda Reilly

Sweet eyes that we will never see open. Would they have been brown like your mom & dads?

Everyday from morning until night is spent thinking of you, wishing you were here.

Reality has set in, our baby lives in heaven instead of earth.

Another day comes & goes, another day asking why this unfair path of life has been chosen for us.

Faith “moves mountains”, a nurse said to me as I lay in a hospital bed trying to save our daughter.

Irreplaceable is what you are. My heart will never truly feel whole again. Something will always be missing.

November, our final month together. The only time I got to hold you in my arms.

Angel daughter, I know one day we’ll be together again. Until then I carry you in my heart forever.

About Amanda Reilly

Amanda lives with her husband and two cats on Staten Island in New York. Since losing her daughter in 2019, she has been an avid fighter against pregnancy loss. To help support her cause click here

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