3 Ways Self Publishing Can Help Writers in The Long Run

If you’ve found that you’re reading a lot more Ebooks or even starting to write your own, chances are you’ve heard of a little thing called Kindle Direct Publishing and other publishing companies. That’s because The growth of Amazon Publishing and Amazon in general has lead to a boom in writers, authors, and more importantly self- published authors. Today at Short Story Avenue we’re going to talk a little about some benefits of getting into the self publishing market.

You may be like the thousands on the fence who have always dreamed of landing that traditionally published book deal from a place like MacMillan publishing. What’s Createspace Independent Publishing anyway? But the landscape of publishing has changed in the last decade and you don’t need that big book deal to put food on the table. Although it’s hard to sell books on your own, here are a few benefits to turning your nose up to the big five and venturing out into the Ebook abyss.

You Learn The Business, Hopefully

Self publishing on Amazon is tough work. Well, hitting the publish button isn’t but selling books? That’s a whole other story; pun intended. Even though the waters are rough, and selling books takes an entrepreneur type mindset, you learn along the way-hopefully. As you put your book out there, it’s on you to get it into the hands of readers. That task in itself teaches you the publishing industry. So when you do come face to face with those suits at Penguin, you’re more well informed on the market place. 

Trial And Error Then Trial and Error

They call it desktop publishing, but in reality they should call it hard work publishing because what book publishing companies don’t show you is how often their latest hopeful bestseller flops like a fish. With something like Kindle self publishing, you learn through your failures time and time again. Craigslist ad fails, you move on. Facebook ad campaign sucks but you learn that Twitter brings you in a sale or two. It’s all about trial and error. You don’t get to learn that when you get traditionallypublished on the first try.

Writing Becomes a Job

One of the most important lessons you learn when you get into self publishing is that…it’s a job like anything else. When you hit publish, you realize that you now must market. You realize that now you must get onto book two. Just like punching in every day, you have to put words on the page. It becomes a job. And if anything can take the fantasy out of getting that JK Rowling book deal, it’s that. Writers may cover fiction, but sometimes they need a bit of non-fiction from good ol’ reality to set them on the right path.

This has been some reasons why you shouldn’t neglect self publishing as an option on your writing journey. It’s the hard way for sure, but nothing worth it comes easy! Get out there and give it your best shot!

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