Who Your Market Really is In Writing

The writing world is drastically different than it’s ever been. Gone are the days where publishing is left to the giant gatekeepers known as the Big Five. Anyone can publish anything to the internet. Anyone can start their own digital publication. Even businesses that have nothing to do with the writing industry know the importance of a blog for their business, outsourcing writers as freelance contractors. The landscape is awe inspiring today. So with all the new freelance writing jobs, the many writing prompts on Twitter, surrounded by the many Google searches surrounding writing a cover letter, whose your audience today? When you sit down at your writing desk who is it that you’re writing for? Let’s take a look.

The Misconception

It’s fairly easy to know who your audience is when you have a writing job that explains it. Take for instance a shipping provider. If you’re the writer on duty, you’re writing to their clients. But what about when it comes to creative writing? One misconception that writers have is their audience is only readers. By readers we mean those who have a Kindle account, spend hours on Goodreads, and have more books at home than electronic devices. It’s a stereotype that writers seem to get into their minds when they first start out. “I have to find readers” they say. The reality is, those people exist yeah, but not in the way you think. Their entire identity isn’t books. You should be writing with everyone in mind, not someone who just enjoys reading.

So Who Really is It? Other Writers.

Before you break your book writing software over your knee and quit your freelance writing gig, hear us out. One revelation one of our editors had recently was actually one of those real ah ha moments. Writers spend a good amount of time disregarding other writers or seeing them as competition. It goes back to that stereotype from before. Writers only write for readers. The truth is, behind all those Amazon books sales, a good majority of them are writers themselves. Think about it, people who watch baseball often enjoy playing it too. The difference between today and yesterday’s world of publishing is that we didn’t get to see all the readers be writers because the internet wasn’t there. But chances are, the person who is reading your book or blog write now, has one of their own because they can. So stop looking at other writers as your competition. They’re actually also your customer.

Beta Reads

Part of the writing community is about getting feedback. When it comes to your prose, it’s best to get as many eyes on it as possible because your own will always be bias. You need a fresh perspective.

We here at Short Story Avenue know how difficult it can be to find those honest and unbiased eyes for your work and that’s why we offer truly affordable beta reads so you can get feedback on your WIP or manuscript.

Contact us today at shortstoryave@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Who Your Market Really is In Writing

  1. Writers could also be friends too, such as the handful I’ve had the fortune to meet through WordPress. And when you have people constantly working on their craft, you can’t help but feel inspired to push your own abilities as well.

    I enjoyed this piece. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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