The Imperfect Sensation by Marie Hilberg

The work is all done; nothing more to do, and nothing less. You can let go.

You completed a goal or two, things are great; you feel great; or so it seems.

There you are with whatever it is: That piece of status. Congratulations.

Maybe you hit a certain number of views on YouTube or got that book deal.

Whatever the goal–you beat it, you won at it, it’s done–Finite.

The goal is nothing more but a memory: a living day statue and monument.

Bask in it, indulge in it. Don’t forget; don’t ever forget that

You’re not done yet. There’s still more. There will always be more.

Things have been completed, yet things are not done; Far from actually.

You’ve accomplished. But have still not accomplished; forever in between.

You are restless, irritable, ready to go, ready to create. You need more.

Yet here you are content. Here you are happy and fulfilled. You’d like to rest.

It’s a paradox. It’s a jerk. It’s a terribly cruel yet satisfying joke.

Get used to it. It’s the imperfect sensation of being restlessly content.

Marie Hilberg is a writer from Ohio. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys taking care of her family and reading the newspaper on her work commute.

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