Celebrate & Remember Your Small Writing Victories

Writing is great before you decide to make it your career. Then it comes with some added pressure, constant trajectory analysis, and a hefty realization that you’re all in this by yourself. It’s easy when there’s not a dollar sign looming over your head. When your words dictate how much rent you have, things feel a lot different. Because of this, writing can often draw out a lot of self doubt. The constant workload and slow progress laced in between deadlines can make it feel as though all your accomplishments are filled with hot air. Well, today let’s take a moment to smell the roses and realize that you need to celebrate the small things in your career.

Dwelling is easy

Writing can be an all consuming endeavor, especially when you’re really passionate about it. This can lead to something really bad though–dwelling on the negatives. Outside of being an all consuming endeavor, there will be outside forces like rejection letters, bad reviews, no views, no call backs, “Unfortunately we’ve moved on”, and so much more. These negatives can in turn pile up and lead you to dwell. You’ll have those moments, they’re inevitable. But what’s also inevitable is growing a thick skin. Instead of allowing yourself to wait a few years to be desensitized by rejection, make a conscious decision TODAY, to choose to focus on your little accomplishments. Even if you only jotted down a hundred words for the day, be proud of yourself because there are plenty of people who can’t muster up the energy to do even that. Dwelling is easy, so you have to work hard and focus on the good. As little as the good is.

The small things add up

Back to those little things. It may be easy to somewhat scoff at only getting a hundred words down for the day. But after ten days you have a thousand words. The little things add up. And this can come in handy when you’re looking at the big picture. Maybe your self-published book flopped, but did you write a book? Maybe you only have one publishing credit. But it’s one more than you used to have. And not for nothing, there was a day where all you wanted was that. So instead of reaching that goal and moving on, take some time to appreciate that you achieved it in the first place. 

You deserve to give yourself credit

The smallest things in writing take a lot of effort. Most people can’t finish writing their novel let a lone write a Tweet about it being finished. You deserve to give yourself credit even if it’s again just for those hundred words you got down today. Everybody’s journey is different in the writing industry. There are no two trails that are identical. This means that everyone’s measurement of success is different. Remember this when you compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or ending. For some, writing a hundred words is the same as building an empire off of their book deal. Be grateful for what you can do, and stop for a moment to give yourself some credit, because writing is not easy.

You’re not a robot

At the end of the day, you’re not a robot. Nomatter how many blog posts you read about writers being prolific, or earning a million dollars in their first month, you are only human. You can’t let your career and passion become your judge and executioner. Take a moment for yourself. It’s okay to miss a day. It’s alright if you haven’t met your goals yet. It’s the effort that matters.

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