Book Review: Game of Life By Chad Vegas

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Game of Life By Chad Vegas really hooks you straight away! It’s an intense read with some great fast paced action.

The thing about this story is that thrives off its ability to really keep you on your toes. There was a lot of unexpected twists and Chad makes it so that the second you relax, something major happens.

Each one of Chad’s characters in this book is a case study. There’s depth to each one and it’s really fascinating to see how they live in these barren, often really highly dangerous areas of society. It’s impossible to feel like you haven’t been sucked into this alternate universe where anything can happen.

One really understated element to this story is how there’s just so much character growth in the protagonist. I feel like I grew with this character, seeing him first as this loose cannon anything can happen type of guy, and then he transitions into this caring family man. You really grow to empathize with him throughout the story.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a story to say the least. There’s a little bit of everything. One minute you’re laughing the next you can find yourself on the verge of tears.

One critique, as with all the authors books is that if you don’t have a strong stomach for adult content you’re probably going to get offended really easily. It’s a dark, really adult oriented book. The relationships are complex, and the narrative can get depressing. But in a good way.

All in all, just like his other books, this one is a must read. Even though the world is dark in this story, it’s a great piece of escapism because once you live a day in these characters shoes, you’ll miss your own life.

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