You Can Too By Isioma Jemimah Okonicha

A woman was selling fruits by the road side, together with her fourteen-year-old teenage daughter, that looked exactly like her, that you would not need to ask, if she was her daughter? When a beautiful car stopped by, parking directly in front of the wood table, that hosted the fruits, that the woman sold, as both mother and child, tried to peep into the car, through the side window that was tinted, eager to see who was seated behind.

Just then, a young lady stepped out, as she approached them. It was obvious that she wanted to buy fruits.

“How much are these?” She asked camly, pointing at some well placed fruits.

And after the woman had told her their prizes, and she’d bought some, she turned towards the teenage girl, that stood closely beside her- watching and obviously admiring her.

“What do you want to become?” The lady asked.

The girl said nothing, then almost immediately, her mother replied:
“We don’t have money to send her to school.”

“No! That shouldn’t stop her from dreaming.” The lady said firmly, as she returned her gaze to the girl. “What do you want to become?” She asked again.

“I don’t know.” This time around, the girl had replied. “My parents can not afford to send me to school,” she said shyly, and sounding sober.

“Honey, it shouldn’t stop you from dreaming still.” I didn’t have rich parents either, but I was determined to go to school, because I’ve always wanted to own a company. And If, poverty could not stop me, then it shouldn’t stop you too.” The lady advised her.

“I am throwing a challenge to you today, my dear,” she continued, “and that would be for you, to envision yourself a self made woman. Where would you like to be, in ten to fifteen years, and remember, it’s not too far from now. Time flies.”

“So please honey, here is my complementary card,” the lady said, as she handed a card, to the girl. “Please do call me, when you have to, and you must.”

She told the girl, and then majestically, walked back to her car; where a man, stood waiting by the side, to quickly open the door, as she carefully entered the beautiful black- colored car.
“I want to be like her,” the woman’s daughter said suddenly to her mother, as the driver drove off.

“Don’t worry, your father and I, will do everything possible, to make sure you get all the support, that you need,” her mother said sweetly.

“Thank you mummy, and I promise to make you and Daddy proud,” the girl said, then her mother gave her a quick hug.

About Isioma Jermimah Okonicha

Isioma Jemimah Okonicha has works published in magazines journals and anthologies. She writes inspirational stories, fictional, and poems. Follow her blog @
Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram: Isioma Jemimah Okonicha. Follow Dovelyisi on Twitter and Facebook.

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