The Dips by Morgan Chapman

The lows should be expected,
I tell myself that often.
There will always be a dip,
Financially, romantically, brain chemistry.
The higher you are the harder you fall, one day you’re soaring and the next you’re flat.
But what if I embraced those dips?
What if when I sit in the sorrow I acknowledge that it will pass?
Just as my fleeting euphoria did.
What is about happiness where we don’t expect the other?
But when it comes to the other we seek it’s opposite until it hurts.
The dips are what make us, pushing us further passed out limits.
The dips are what makes us starved, craving the things that will make us stupidly complacent.
The dips are never expected, but are always coming.
The dips are a prerequisite to the highs.
So next time you’re going down, embrace it until it no longer braces you.

About Morgan Chapman

Morgan Chapman is a mailman by day, poet by night who loves anything to do with words. An English major on college, Morgan hopes to one day wrote fulltime.

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