Writing is Dead by Roni Marshall

YouTube videos and Tik Toks spawn,

Your audience is no longer drawn.

Did you even have one to begin with?

Probably not sis.

You have more people reading your tweets than your books.

Are you a writer or a Tweeter? Boy now that’s a hook.

Asking questions in your feed like it’s sesame street.

Such a big Twitter following isn’t that neat.

The market is over saturated with wannabes.

Writers who put more work into posting than writing, please.

You think you’ll make a living with a writer’s lift?

Meanwhile all the agent slush piles, you’re not even in them for the sift.

You’re talking to other writers more than you are finding readers.

Selling books, progressing in your career: you’re doing neither.

You’re not a writer, you’re a murderer.

Because you’re killing the business with your typo-filled ebooks, you barely know his from her.

But you’ll keep doing what you’re doing because Amanda Hockings did it right?

Why don’t you stop copying and pasting and start to actually write?

Oh because when you’re done posting to Twitter you go to bed.

Writing, yeah I guess it’s dead.

About Roni

“They asked me to provide a bio, but  I don’t matter. What matters is that writers hire an editor. Because I can’t keep reading these ebooks looking like they were written by my two-year-old niece.”

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