Dream Life By Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Oh, it’s Dream Life, Deeds and Destiny

There is Criticism and Dangers of Truth exists

It’s Dignity of Labor that Develop Skills

Don’t get Trouble and have Dissatisfaction ǁ

Abide Directions of Nature and Diplomatic Speak

Keep aside Dirty Politics for Dreaming Life

Never encourage Drunkards and Dump Addiction

Feel an Ego A Disqualification ǁ

Encourage Energy of Love, as my Eyes Never Sleep

Give extra Mileage to Energy of Love

Don’t like money, though experience the Loss

Like Dignity, Decency and Royalty ǁ

Face Value can lead from Failures to Success

Favor to follow Friendship Value

Feel Sad for Finding Faults for Flourishing Point

Follow Mentors to come out from Frustration ǁ

Guidance from mentors, is the best to follow

With no advice minds can’t brush-up

Peoples support is always good

If people are good, society is good ǁ

It is not correct to stay away from the society

Society is nothing but it’s our own face

Little what we help makes things great

Name and fame will last forever ǁ

Support extended is support received

Help extended is help received

Reciprocal support and help is always offing

Don’t blame others, rather rectify the errors //

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