The Bedroom Night By Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

What a wonderful lovely love function

Never before saw, the event like this

Thought it would be a routine system

Things were moving as great guns ǁ

Well and well, it’s for new couple’s sake

Great things never come again and again

The day is lost, is the age is lost

Time is best for couple’s management ǁ

The night is pleasant and cool

Silence is the code of discipline

Couples become dumb for a massive show

Great understandings during the night ǁ

Night life passes peacefully

Sun rises as usual way

Morning is like a tiresome night

Couples feel like, having the night soon ǁ

Understandings never end fast

Game of life, just a beginning one

A love like sport looks a game of love

Couples feel happy as blessings shower on ǁ

One can enjoy bed room night

Nights are best for love like affair

As the night is gone

The love is disturbed ǁ

The entire world sleeps at night

The love can’t sleep at night

Love and love are love birds slogan

Love is equal for all in the nature ǁ

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