What Can I Do In My Life by Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Although, mother of Rhea knew well that her daughter due to unknown fear for this rarest of rare case. When the mother came to know about Rhea has fallen in love with Darwin, the mother of Rhea explained about this phenomenal to Darwin, who however, took this issue very lightly and agreed to marry Rhea, know well the pros and cons which may arise in future to Rhea.

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Tolly Bolly By V Vaidehi

It was difficult to keep the two sisters away from fighting with each other. I was fed up of yelling at them, all day long, to lay off. I have tried everything – scolding, admonishing, threatening, cajoling, pleading and even crying. Reactions from the girls ranged from looking ashamed, crestfallen, outraged to uncontrollable giggling. And […]

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The Backyard Farmer By Scott Harvey

At the urging of my increasingly eco-minded wife, we’d recently added the title of “suburban homesteaders” to our already diverse list of self-identifying labels that were slowly rendering each of us unrelatable and unfriendable to the rest of humanity. At this point, other than a meager handful of previously cemented relationships, cats are our best […]

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