Top Five Dr. Seuss Books that aren’t controversial

By now, you have probably heard of the growing controversy around the six Dr. Seuss books that have been pulled from shelves over controversial and racist imagery. As times have evolved to rid of old norms and commonplace cultural insensitivities, various forms of media from the past decades have been under tough scrutiny from The Simpsons old comedy routines from comedians, Dr. Seuss is just the latest artist to adapt to the times. Even if it means posthumousl

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A New Direction: From The Owner

Short Story Avenue was founded, by myself mid-2020 among a Pandemic like our generation has never seen before. It was strange times to say the least. But in that strangeness, as the Editor in Chief at the time, I found it quite humbling that so many writers in the writing community flocked to SSA, eager to post their work. From there, the digital publication grew and reached levels that I had hoped for, but was not too egocentric to assume. And for that, I am grateful.

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Just Write

In 2014, I got a keyboard tattooed across my hands. That was my metaphorical way of saying that I would dedicate my career pursuits to writing.

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